River fishing

The municipality of Vedra is part of the territory of Área Santiago, a group of sixteen municipalities located in Santiago de Compostela’s area of influence, which work together in tourist promotion and which covers the south of A Coruña province and the north of Pontevedra province, both separated by the natural border of the River Ulla.

It is an area defined by two of Galicia’s main water resources, due to their volume of water as well as their rich fauna, flora, landscape and culture: the Ulla-Deza System, to which our municipaliy belongs and which marks the Southern boundary, and the River Tambre and its tributaries, which form its northern limit.

Apart from the variety of fish (rich in trout, salmon, lamprey and sea trout), the characteristic of these rivers guarantee the presence of varied fauna as well as exuberant and diverse flora made up of riverside plants and trees and colourful aquatic species, in addition to an important unknown heritage of waterwheels, weirs, millponds, trails etc which are of unquestionable interest to travellers interested in the world of nature.

The main aim of Área Santiago is to encourage the effective use of hydraulic resources through riverside sports practice (fishing, trekking, rafting, sailing along the river in canoes or boats and so on) and through the natural and cultural heritage linked to rivers (mills, dams, bridges, etc).

Therefore, Área Santiago has been working hard on river fishing as a tourism product, not only providing detailed information to fishermen, but also promoting professional training in this sector.

Thus, the website of Área Santiago includes a specific section dedicated to river fishing with full information about rivers, fishing areas, licensing and permits and accommodation and it is available in three languages :Galician, Spanish and English (www.areasantiago.es/pesca-fluvial)

Furthermore, Área Santiago published ‘Área Santiago’ River Fishing Guide, the first informative guide about river fishing published in Galicia which includes aspects of interest such as permits, types of fishing, species, recommended fishing areas, accommodation and practical information.


 This guide is updated every year at the beginnging of the fishing season and is available in three languages (Galician, Spanish and English) in a specific section within the website of Área Santiago ::www.areasantiago.es/pesca-fluvial

Área Santiago tries to encourage catch-and-release mode of river angling to avoid over-fishing our rivers and thus encouraging environmental sustainability.